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Smashed & broken house roof stone and tile due to fallen tree

Kessler Home Roof & Water Damage from Fallen Tree Limb

A home in the Kessler Park area of Dallas suffered roof damage and in-turn water damage due to a fallen tree limb during a storm.  It was a large tree that had to have been around for decades.  It smashed the stone on the overhang of the kitchen.  The kitchen had water pouring into the interior once this happened.  The inside had to have water damage mitigation services provided by our SERVPRO team.  

At least annually, especially before your area's respective start to storm season, it is a good idea to walk your property.  Trim back branches that overhang or are close to your house or powerlines.  Check for dead dying trees that may fall over if heavy winds appear.  

If a water damage issue happens to befall you, give our SERVPRO of Dallas Central team a call for assistance.

Home with items everywhere

Hoarder Home has Water Damage

A residential Mesquite home had an unfortunate mishap in which a family member went to run errands and forgot she had left plugged bathtub running. She arrived home to find water throughout structure. Most of the flooring was carpet which had absorbed the majority of the water. Complicating matters was the fact that many people lived there and had accumulated many, many items over the years. The SERVPRO of Dallas Central team was put on the case to resolve the complex water damage issue. Situations like this require a number of individuals to move and dispose of contents in order to dry out the structure along with removing necessary flooring and cabinets. Moving and removing items can be a delicate and emotional situation for the customer so we approach it with compassion. The result was a dry home and a happy customer. Give us a call if you need water damage restoration services.

Air Movers Placed on Walls Down a Hallway

Bishop Arts Apartment Complex has Washing Machine Leak

A Dallas apartment complex in the Bishop Arts area had a washing machine hose malfunction that created water damage to several units.  Water is a very invasive thing and cover big distances in a short amount of time especially if gravity is involved.  The higher, source of the issue units often have less damage than the couple of units on floors below as water follows the path of least resistance down and then spreads out.  This also means running down the length of the walls from the ceiling.  There is usually a fair amount of extraction on the lower floors but not on the upper one.  Additionally, this typically requires a lot of drying equipment and some demolition.  Our SERVPRO of Dallas Central's team's quick response, over communication and great overall customer service keeps our apartment complex customers coming back to us for every water damage mitigation situation that occurs. 

Big, open room with standing water on carpet

Broken Sink Pipe in South Dallas Church Floods First Floor

A South Dallas Church had a sink pipe that burst.  Because it is a church and people are not there every day, it was not discovered for several days.  Water flowing for several days created flooding throughout the entirety of the main level of the building.  The church was almost entirely covered with carpet so thoroughly extracting as much water as possible was the first step in the technical water damage mitigation process. This was followed up with placing drying equipment and removal of baseboards and drywall.  Carpet is either dried or replaced depending on the deteriorated state of the carpet and the feedback from the customer.

Stairs with several signs of water damage

Lakewood House with Stair Water Damage

A Lakewood Dallas home had some flooding from a defective hot water heater. Several rooms and types of materials were damaged. Some of the telltale signs are buckling/warping of hardwood flooring, noticeable separation at the seams often where caulking was applied, swelled particle board usually found in baseboards or cabinetry, and cracked drywall where 2 sheets of drywall come together. These are indications that you most likely have water damage and a water damage mitigation company should be called!

Thermal camera showing water on floor and in walls

Hot Water Heater Causes Flooding on Several Floors of Downtown Dallas Complex

A high rise apartment building in downtown Dallas caused water damage to numerous units on several floors.  A hot water heater popped overnight instilling panic in a number of tenants as rushed down ceilings and walls in several rooms of each unit.

SERVPRO of Dallas Central has created great trust and confidence after several years of working at these 4 downtown buildings with the building management and maintenance team.  They gave us a call and our team was there in no time at all due to our very close location to the downtown area.

Once again we successfully dried down each unit while communicating with each individual tenant and working around their schedule.  Our advanced technology thermal cameras also allowed us to identify all potentially wet items.  Another job thoroughly and satisfactorily completed for our water mitigation team.

Commercial Building Stairwell with Water Half Way Up Door

Massive Flooding in Downtown Dallas Commercial Basement

A commercial building in downtown Dallas suffered massive ongoing flooding with their large basement being filled 10' with water.  Water was overflowing the stairs into the next level of the building.  The source could not be stopped until water was extracted.  That meant the water pump out had to be much faster than the water still pouring in.  SERVPRO of Dallas Central was called to assist with this very distressing situation.  Our team worked all day and night to get the water out.  Once at a low enough level we went inside to inspect where the water might be coming from.  After a quick analysis, we found the source and could tell the customer so they could get their plumber on standby to fix it.

Once the issue was fixed, the dry out began.  There was limited power so long extension cords and a power distribution box were used to pull the electricity needed.  Next, demo of all drywall walls took place.  With extraction, drying and demo complete, the place was cleaned and turned back over to the owner. 

They were extremely thankful for the quick response and the thorough work from our SERVPRO of Dallas Central team.

Thermal camera picture of wet carpet and walls

Frisco Apartment Complex Hot Water Heater Water Damage

A high-end apartment complex in the Frisco area of North Dallas needed our assistance after a hot water heater busted and spewed water into the occupied unit, the community hallway and a neighboring unit.  A thermal camera was used to identify where the water flowed and the extent of the damage.  Extraction was performed along with limited demo like removing baseboards and finally air movers and dehumidifiers were placed to dry things down completely.

The maintenance team become a big fan of our Dallas Central team after the quick response, great communication and thorough & efficient work performed.

SERVPRO Team Member Hot Water Cleaning Carpet

North Dallas Commercial Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

A north Dallas commercial building had a fire.  After cleaning the rest of the structure, the floor was the last step to complete odor and soot removal process.  We first start with a dry HEPA vacuum following by identifying any heavy staining.  We then treat the entire area with a pre-spray with special attention to heavily soiled areas areas. Finally we do the actual hot water extraction cleaning followed by drying any damp areas with large fans.  The client was thoroughly impressed with the detail and final result!

Oak Cliff Crawlspace Drying Using High Powered Vortex Fan

Oak Cliff Crawlspace Drying Using High Powered Vortex Fan

An outside pipe owned by the city malfunctioned and caused major flooding for 6 houses in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas.  All the homes had crawlspaces that were filled to the brim, soaking wood beams.  After the city came out to fix the issue, water eventually receded leaving a wet, muddy mess around the homes and in the crawlspace.  Not only is it important to dry out the crawlspace but the inside living space should checked for secondary high humidity.  The city had a crew that cleaned up the exterior but left the residents to get their own homes remedied.  We placed a number of pieces of equipment at each home we assisted including air movers, a dehumidifier, and an air scrubber.  Additionally, we sealed crawlspace vents except for the spot where humid air was being pulled out.  Crawlspaces can take a bit to dry but we achieved our benchmark right on schedule much to the delight of the home owners.

Townhouse Ceiling with 2 2'x2' Cuts

Leaky Roof Causes Water Damage to Several Floors of Townhouse in The Cedars

When it rains it pours, at least it did in this townhouse in the Cedars.  A leak in the roof caused water to repeatedly intrude into the structure of this home.  It flowed down 3 levels of the unit.  Several cuts needed to be made in the ceiling drywall to help dry down the structure.  If there is insulation that is heavily saturated it will need to be removed which is what happened in this case.  Specialty light, small air movers were placed in the ceiling to help achieve our 4 day drying goal.  The tenant and property maintenance team was extremely pleased with the work and communication.

Man cleaning soot off of a ceiling with a rubber sponge

Downtown Dallas Apartment Unattended Candle Creates Soot to be Cleaned

SERVPRO of Dallas Central was called to an apartment building downtown after a resident left a candle unattended.  Thankfully the unit did not catch on fire and create major damage but the candle did create quite a lot of soot covering the entire unit.  Using rubber sponges, special smoke cleaning solutions, adsorbent carbon filters with an air scrubber and other tools/methods, our team was able to get this unit cleaned and ready for painting in a day.  The apartment staff was extremely thrilled with the expediency and thoroughness of our work.

Drywall cut out under a window in a home

Highland Park Home with Pipe Break Causes Water Instrusion

We were called to a home in the Highland Park area of Dallas.  There was visual discoloration/growth on a bedroom interior wall under a window.  The customer knew something was going on but did not know where the moisture was coming from.  We inspected the inside and outside of the structure using our thermal camera and moisture meter.  Often the issue will be from poor sealing of the window....but not this time.  There was a suspect area at the entrance to the room looked like the origin.  We sprayed antimicrobial, put up containment, placed an air scrubber and dehumidifier.  Additionally, we made clean drywall cuts, removed affected insulation, sprayed antimicrobial and dried out the studs.  Once the cut was made, it was revealed there was a very slow leak between the wall where the suspect area was.  A plumber was called and immediately had the source stopped.  After 5 days of work and drying, the drywall and insulation was ready to be replaced to get the customer back to normal.

Person using special wand cleaning tool to clean floor in a commercial warehouse

Sewage Backup Cleaning in a Commercial Warehouse Facility in Far North Dallas

A sewage backup occurred in a commercial warehouse facility's bathrooms and break area. We first disinfected the area, then cleaned with an enzymatic solution and followed that up with a hot water extraction cleaning. The result was a clean work area that was ready for employees to safely inhabit.

Ceiling with soot and one area cleaned to show the contrast

Oak Cliff Kitchen Fire Creates a Sooty Mess

SERVPRO of Dallas Central was called to a home that had a kitchen fire.  Fortunately, there was not charring and most of the damage was contained within the kitchen area.  Food was left on a stove and forgotten about only to be found later after creating a smoke storm that left soot residual throughout the kitchen and adjoining rooms walls and ceiling.  Our team was there to remove the soot throughout as well as the smoky odor.  Using rubber sponges, degreaser solutions, HEPA vacuums and microfiber clothes, we removed the sooty residue. An air scrubber was also employed to capture any floating soot particles that may have become air borne during the process.  The air scrubber also has a carbon filter which helps adsorb odors.  The above mentioned steps removed the majority of the odor.  The last step in the process for this specific smoke and soot issue was to place an ozone generator to relieve the structure of the remaining malodor.  The structure is now ready for the reconstruction team to paint and get the home owner back to pre-fire status.

If you have a home fire and need help, please give us a call at 214-664-9522! 

Residential fireplace with cat urine staining & odor

Northeast Dallas Home with Cat Urine Odor Issue....Solved

A home owner called us with an unusual issue.  They had a beloved, aging cat that kept getting confused and used the fireplace as a kitty little box.  It had seeped into the brick and it was holding odor.  They had tried cleaning it their selves but had not had any luck.  The urine ammonia odor seemed to grow stronger each day.

We put one of our IICRC Odor Control certified managers on the case.  First, we placed an air scrubber with a carbon filter.  The carbon filter is adsorbent which adsorbs odor molecules.  Additionally, we placed a dehumidifier to draw out any moisture.  Next, HEPA vacuumed all the loose soils. Following up that, we used an enzymatic cleaning solution to do a wet cleaning.  We also then sprayed the enzymatic once more and let it dwell. We let things run for 48 hours and the odor was gone.  Another successful odor issue solved!  

Wet, swelled particle board subfloor, under carpet & pad

Hot Water Heater in Lochwood/East Dallas Pops and Creates a Mess

A hot water heater in an East Dallas home popped and flooded the hallway and several adjoining rooms.  The rooms and hallway were carpeted.  The home owner wanted an estimate before making a decision. After educating the customer on the situation and the process, and giving him a ballpark idea on cost, he wanted to move forward.  Carpet pad and baseboards were removed and small ventilation, drying holes in the walls made. The carpet was also temporarily removed.  To our surprise, the subfloor was particle board which is extremely uncommon.  Particle board swells when wet and does not return to normal.  It is not the ideal subfloor for this and a number of reasons.  Some doors had to be taken off the hinges to get the carpet and pad out.  The crawlspace underneath also had to be dried out.  SERVPRO of Dallas Central got the job down in a timely manner while constantly communicating and easing the mind of the home owner.