Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Man cleaning soot off of a ceiling with a rubber sponge

Downtown Dallas Apartment Unattended Candle Creates Soot to be Cleaned

SERVPRO of Dallas Central was called to an apartment building downtown after a resident left a candle unattended.  Thankfully the unit did not catch on fire and create major damage but the candle did create quite a lot of soot covering the entire unit.  Using rubber sponges, special smoke cleaning solutions, adsorbent carbon filters with an air scrubber and other tools/methods, our team was able to get this unit cleaned and ready for painting in a day.  The apartment staff was extremely thrilled with the expediency and thoroughness of our work.

Ceiling with soot and one area cleaned to show the contrast

Oak Cliff Kitchen Fire Creates a Sooty Mess

SERVPRO of Dallas Central was called to a home that had a kitchen fire.  Fortunately, there was not charring and most of the damage was contained within the kitchen area.  Food was left on a stove and forgotten about only to be found later after creating a smoke storm that left soot residual throughout the kitchen and adjoining rooms walls and ceiling.  Our team was there to remove the soot throughout as well as the smoky odor.  Using rubber sponges, degreaser solutions, HEPA vacuums and microfiber clothes, we removed the sooty residue. An air scrubber was also employed to capture any floating soot particles that may have become air borne during the process.  The air scrubber also has a carbon filter which helps adsorb odors.  The above mentioned steps removed the majority of the odor.  The last step in the process for this specific smoke and soot issue was to place an ozone generator to relieve the structure of the remaining malodor.  The structure is now ready for the reconstruction team to paint and get the home owner back to pre-fire status.

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