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How do you get rid of Drywall Dust?

4/7/2022 (Permalink)

Drywall Dust Covered Floor in a Home Drywall dust covered floor & furniture in a home after a long remodel

After any sort of repair, remodel or new build in a residential or commercial building there is dust in the air especially if drywall is involved.  Drywall dust is very invasive, getting into places thought impossible.  It usually settles in a thin layer everywhere but even the slightest movement can send the light dust airborne.  Trying to clean the drywall dust up with your run of the mill cleaning solutions will smear the dust and create a film of drywall mud.  

The solution to this problem is the right equipment, chemicals and knowledge. It is still a tedious process and may require several passes but it will get the job done effectively.  Below we will describe several of the best items to combat drywall dust. 

The first item to add to the equation is an air scrubber.  Most air scrubbers will clean 99% of the particulate out of the air using several layers of air filters.  These need to run at least while the cleaning is occurring but ideally for a couple days if possible.  This will capture any drywall dust that goes airborne while cleaning.

The major second component is a HEPA vacuum, preferably several and different types.  HEPA stands for high efficiency particulate air.  This is another device that uses a number of air filters to clean.  Regular vacuums do not have the layers of filters and will get clogged up and burnt out from the fine particulate.

Another essential element is a good cleaning solution.  There are chemicals specifically formulated for drywall dust removal. They are usually acidic in nature, and break down and dissolve the residue. 

Most every day people and household cleaning companies do not have these specialty items on hand.  If you need help with some drywall dust removal, give us a call at SERVPRO of Dallas Central.

What are Some Home Issues to be Aware of After Heavy Rains

4/7/2022 (Permalink)

As the saying goes, April showers brings may flowers.... April is often the wettest month for most areas in the US.  Texas gets a lot rain in April and especially May.  Lots of water over a consistent period of time can cause numerous issues. Water is very intrusive and can find it's way into a building structure in a variety of ways.

Buildup of leaves in gutters can lead to water overflow and finding alternative paths to the ground.  Water can degrade wood structures and cause water inflow.  The simply solution here, make sure to clean your gutters regularly but especially during this time of the year.

Another common issue that we see is water coming in around windows.  Water seeps in and can rots wood studs along with causing growth and discoloration on the inside.  This can have a bad odor as well as cause health issues.  The answer here is to have your windows checked to make sure they are properly sealed.  Older windows can allow for a lot of seepage, if possible it may be best to just install new windows.

A third habitual offender is poor drainage especially in connection with a crawl space.  This can cause water and humidity to get stuck under a house.  This can percolate into the house and create higher humidity situations leading to growth and degradation of the interior.  Flooring can be seriously effected causing major buckling of hardwood floors.  In this situation, consulting a structural engineer could be of benefit.  Potential fixes include installing French drains, permanent sump-pumps, permanent dehumidifiers, etc.

These are just a few of the problems that can occur during our rainy season.  If something should happen, don't hesitate to give us a call at SERVPRO of Dallas Central.