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SERVPRO Team Member Hot Water Cleaning Carpet

North Dallas Commercial Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

A north Dallas commercial building had a fire.  After cleaning the rest of the structure, the floor was the last step to complete odor and soot removal process.  We first start with a dry HEPA vacuum following by identifying any heavy staining.  We then treat the entire area with a pre-spray with special attention to heavily soiled areas areas. Finally we do the actual hot water extraction cleaning followed by drying any damp areas with large fans.  The client was thoroughly impressed with the detail and final result!

Person using special wand cleaning tool to clean floor in a commercial warehouse

Sewage Backup Cleaning in a Commercial Warehouse Facility in Far North Dallas

A sewage backup occurred in a commercial warehouse facility's bathrooms and break area. We first disinfected the area, then cleaned with an enzymatic solution and followed that up with a hot water extraction cleaning. The result was a clean work area that was ready for employees to safely inhabit.

Residential fireplace with cat urine staining & odor

Northeast Dallas Home with Cat Urine Odor Issue....Solved

A home owner called us with an unusual issue.  They had a beloved, aging cat that kept getting confused and used the fireplace as a kitty little box.  It had seeped into the brick and it was holding odor.  They had tried cleaning it their selves but had not had any luck.  The urine ammonia odor seemed to grow stronger each day.

We put one of our IICRC Odor Control certified managers on the case.  First, we placed an air scrubber with a carbon filter.  The carbon filter is adsorbent which adsorbs odor molecules.  Additionally, we placed a dehumidifier to draw out any moisture.  Next, HEPA vacuumed all the loose soils. Following up that, we used an enzymatic cleaning solution to do a wet cleaning.  We also then sprayed the enzymatic once more and let it dwell. We let things run for 48 hours and the odor was gone.  Another successful odor issue solved!