Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Smashed & broken house roof stone and tile due to fallen tree

Kessler Home Roof & Water Damage from Fallen Tree Limb

A home in the Kessler Park area of Dallas suffered roof damage and in-turn water damage due to a fallen tree limb during a storm.  It was a large tree that had to have been around for decades.  It smashed the stone on the overhang of the kitchen.  The kitchen had water pouring into the interior once this happened.  The inside had to have water damage mitigation services provided by our SERVPRO team.  

At least annually, especially before your area's respective start to storm season, it is a good idea to walk your property.  Trim back branches that overhang or are close to your house or powerlines.  Check for dead dying trees that may fall over if heavy winds appear.  

If a water damage issue happens to befall you, give our SERVPRO of Dallas Central team a call for assistance.

Townhouse Ceiling with 2 2'x2' Cuts

Leaky Roof Causes Water Damage to Several Floors of Townhouse in The Cedars

When it rains it pours, at least it did in this townhouse in the Cedars.  A leak in the roof caused water to repeatedly intrude into the structure of this home.  It flowed down 3 levels of the unit.  Several cuts needed to be made in the ceiling drywall to help dry down the structure.  If there is insulation that is heavily saturated it will need to be removed which is what happened in this case.  Specialty light, small air movers were placed in the ceiling to help achieve our 4 day drying goal.  The tenant and property maintenance team was extremely pleased with the work and communication.