Water Damage Photo Gallery

Oak Cliff Crawlspace Drying Using High Powered Vortex Fan

Oak Cliff Crawlspace Drying Using High Powered Vortex Fan

An outside pipe owned by the city malfunctioned and caused major flooding for 6 houses in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas.  All the homes had crawlspaces that were filled to the brim, soaking wood beams.  After the city came out to fix the issue, water eventually receded leaving a wet, muddy mess around the homes and in the crawlspace.  Not only is it important to dry out the crawlspace but the inside living space should checked for secondary high humidity.  The city had a crew that cleaned up the exterior but left the residents to get their own homes remedied.  We placed a number of pieces of equipment at each home we assisted including air movers, a dehumidifier, and an air scrubber.  Additionally, we sealed crawlspace vents except for the spot where humid air was being pulled out.  Crawlspaces can take a bit to dry but we achieved our benchmark right on schedule much to the delight of the home owners.

Drywall cut out under a window in a home

Highland Park Home with Pipe Break Causes Water Instrusion

We were called to a home in the Highland Park area of Dallas.  There was visual discoloration/growth on a bedroom interior wall under a window.  The customer knew something was going on but did not know where the moisture was coming from.  We inspected the inside and outside of the structure using our thermal camera and moisture meter.  Often the issue will be from poor sealing of the window....but not this time.  There was a suspect area at the entrance to the room looked like the origin.  We sprayed antimicrobial, put up containment, placed an air scrubber and dehumidifier.  Additionally, we made clean drywall cuts, removed affected insulation, sprayed antimicrobial and dried out the studs.  Once the cut was made, it was revealed there was a very slow leak between the wall where the suspect area was.  A plumber was called and immediately had the source stopped.  After 5 days of work and drying, the drywall and insulation was ready to be replaced to get the customer back to normal.

Wet, swelled particle board subfloor, under carpet & pad

Hot Water Heater in Lochwood/East Dallas Pops and Creates a Mess

A hot water heater in an East Dallas home popped and flooded the hallway and several adjoining rooms.  The rooms and hallway were carpeted.  The home owner wanted an estimate before making a decision. After educating the customer on the situation and the process, and giving him a ballpark idea on cost, he wanted to move forward.  Carpet pad and baseboards were removed and small ventilation, drying holes in the walls made. The carpet was also temporarily removed.  To our surprise, the subfloor was particle board which is extremely uncommon.  Particle board swells when wet and does not return to normal.  It is not the ideal subfloor for this and a number of reasons.  Some doors had to be taken off the hinges to get the carpet and pad out.  The crawlspace underneath also had to be dried out.  SERVPRO of Dallas Central got the job down in a timely manner while constantly communicating and easing the mind of the home owner.